Our Team

Consultants, Administrators, Account Representatives, Computer Personnel, Filing Clerks, Secretaries and retained Legal Counsel all compromise a performance oriented, functionally alert team called Savage, Savage, & Brown, Inc.. The team concept enables the firm to render each property the attention it needs and deserves. Whether the situation warrants analytical expertise or a simple notary seal, the staff of Savage, Savage, & Brown, Inc. are equipped with the necessary tools.

The main office of Savage, Savage, & Brown, Inc. is located in the heartland of America . Representatives of the firm have quick access to any area of the United States . Our personnel are never more than a few hours away.

R.T. Savage, the founder of Savage, Savage & Brown, Inc., began property tax consultation in 1939. His successors are experienced and proficient in obtaining favorable property tax positions for all types of property.