About Savage, Savage, & Brown, Inc.

Since our inception in 1969, Savage, Savage, & Brown, Inc. has been committed to correcting inequitable tax situations for property owners and managers. Specializing in ad valorem tax issues, the firm has grown to represent hundreds of companies with thousands of properties spread throughout the United States. This growth is the result of Savage, Savage & Brown, Inc.'s unique ability to pinpoint a client's needs and then meet those needs in a timely, professional manner. Savage, Savage, & Brown Inc.'s understanding of their client's needs is best illustrated by the high percentage of repeat business the firm enjoys. Ninety-five percent of all clients who employ Savage, Savage, & Brown, Inc. choose to establish a long-term continuous relationship with them. This statistic is no accident. The management of Savage, Savage, & Brown, Inc. is committed to the satisfaction of the individual client. That is why their clients believe that employing Savage, Savage, & Brown, Inc. is like having an insurance policy against loss of profit due to inflated property taxes.